Where the smart buyer buys.


The internet domain name and the trade marked business name Smartbuyer are for sale.

The business  name smartbuyer could be used to rename a website, existing brick and mortar store,  the  name also can be used on a new store to get a fresh start in business.  

This business name/ internet domain name has the potential to bring more buyers to the store with spending less money on advertising.

The name smartbuyer implies that the buyer is smart which will make them feel smart. This smartbuyer will return to the website over and over.


This smatbuyer will tell their friends I got this from Your business will increase by the word of mouth which means your company will not need to spend as much money on marketing and advertising.


There are not many company .com names available that are trademarked and make sense. is easy to remember. is easy to spell.


If you are a smart buyer and interested in purchasing The internet domain name and the trade marked business name Smartbuyer  please call (203) 846-4062.

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