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Grime Master Floor Scrubber

The scrubber / pad holder that masters it all.

You can clean grime in corners.

You can clean tough grime with the tip.

You can clean grime in grout lines.

  • Easily removes unsanitary grime in corners, grout lines, near base boards, toilets, showers, base cabinets, appliances, and many other areas.


  • The unique shape, and control band will limit the swivel action when needed, which will make it possible to clean in areas where other floor scrubbers and pad holders can't. 

  • A bristle brush bristles tend to glide over grime. The Grime Masters pad cuts or sheers grime away from the floor, this will reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals and time needed to do a complete cleaning job.

  • The unique Grime Master floor scrubber is the floor scrubber that makes the toughest cleaning jobs such as cleaning corners easy.

A buffing machine and a scrubber that just swivels about without a control band will not remove wax build up and grime in corners, doorways, grout lines, or any other close areas easily.

What makes the Grime Master a great tool for removing dirty unsanitary grime easily is the combination of the unique shape, swivel action, size, and control band.


Unique shape: The Grime Master has 5 sides and a tip that will allow the user to remove unsanitary grime and wax build up in many hard to reach areas.


Swivel action: Will allow the user to clean under and around equipment without the handle getting in the way.


Size: The unique scrubbing surface area requires the user to exert less force on the handle to remove grime and wax build up easily.


Control Band: Unlike other pad holders, scrubbers, or brushes when the Grime Master handle is tilted forward the control band will prevent the scrubber base from swiveling. This will allow the user to use the tip with exerting  less force on the handle to remove stuck on grime in grout lines, corners, near base boards, and many other hard to reach areas.


Use the patented most versatile pad holder/ floor scrubber on the market to remove your floors unsanitary grime and wax build up. The Grime Master floor scrubber will save time while using less cleaning chemicals. The Grime Master will also prevent you from having to get down on your hands and knees to do a great cleaning job.


Part #                         Description                                    Price


429                  Grime Master Floor Scrubber Head               $24.95


383                  10 Blue pads (medium duty)                        $28.63


384                  10 Brown pads ( heavy duty)                       $28.63


350                  48 Inch long handle                                      $7.10


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